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Fredericksburg Progressive Education Campaign 2003

Racism, Statehood, and Democracy in DC
Feminist Activism in DC: September 10th
Feminism in Islam: September 15
Anarchist Social Theory: September 25
Palestinian Struggle: October 1
Mexico's Zapatista Movement: October 22
Radical Economics & Living Holistically: October 27
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan: November 5
Queer Liberation: November 21st
Racism, Statehood, and Democracy in DC
Directions to workshops

Facilitated by Crystal Sylvia

As a majority black city Washington DC is full of contradictions. It is the seat of government for the United States, the world's "shining democracy" yet its residents have no Congressional representation and are beholden to strict oversight by Congress and the President. DC has some of the highest rates of disease, incarceration, high school drop out rates and poverty in the country partly as a result of our inability make basic decisions about our budgets and laws. Our only public hospital has been closed, homeless shelters have shut down to make way for gentrification and budgets for the public university and school systems are grossly underfunded. Workshop speakers will discuss what it means to be a disenfranchised DC resident and will share how people are fighting for justice.

% of DC citizens who favor DC statehood