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Dear Morgan Obrochta,

speaking of moths...
Speaking of Chiapas...


A cold moth with unusually dense dorsal tufts landed lightly on her heart. Where its icy legs touched her, she got goosebumps. Six goosebumps on her careless heart.

Morgan's large heart was an easy target for that frigid moth to land on. Someday it may be too big. Moths are often quite friendly, much more so than their gaudy cousin, the butterfly. I wish i had a big fluffy moth as a pet, or at least as a stuffed animal to help me fall asleep each night.

Thank you for doing everything you have done for me.


I like the conversation hearts. And the sandwich. And the picture of mexico with a star on Chiapas. I havent eaten it yet. i will probably eat it tomorrow for breakfast, or lunch. Dont forget to click on the link on the left. it takes you to the other page. its titled "Speaking of Chiapas..."