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The picture below is a representation of the maddness that occurs when you give megaphones to people that are 100 miles tall and place them on various points around the world. MADNESS!!

People shouting at the world over megaphones; Size=240 pixels wide

Do you even know what VERSIFICATOR is?


Versificator creates the music that stabs into the heart of society for the sole purpose of watching it get fucked up. Have you ever pondered existance and where the hell did society come from anyway? think, for a moment, what would happen if you were free? do you know what freedom is? I have come to realize that the only freedom that exists is death. Purpose is the only thing lacking in every government, in every movement, in every individual. You dont have a purpose. No matter how assimilated you become in any society, in any government, in any family you are still alone, you are still on your own to create a feeling of purpose. Life is totally fucked up. Versificator is at least 1/3 the expression of this thought, this frustration, this emptiness.

And now you know.

"improvisation and uniqueness are the staples of life's beauty.  these propagating waves and these fleeting moments caught in time and on tape are symbols of life's beauty: the presence of emotion, the nature of capability and the hope of clarity that rides above a pool of distrust, discontentment and anger.  Spontaneity and noise came together to right the wrongs.  These noises and this youthful, eruptive energy is the culmination of the vast beauty of life, the frustration with ineffective stability, the driving emotions, and the segments of life that are a brick-and-river winter.  one time audial moments captured never to be revisited, just as life progresses, without direction, the conquering players improvising decisions and movements along the path.  Welcome to constructive troughs and peaks that fail, succeed, and speak volumes for their moments and are sweaty strides toward potential."


Taylor Ball: Drums
Taylor Ball: Drums

Aaron Samsel: Keyboard
Aaron Samsel: Keyboard

Jacob Doherty: Guitar
Jacob Doherty: Guitar
"if there was hope, it lay in the proles. You had to cling to that. When you put it in words it sounded reasonable; it was when you looked at the human beings passing you on the pavement that it became an act of faith."



Fuck Freedom.mp3


MWC P.O. Box 1041
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Everyone needs a little versification now and then. Just smash everything in your fucking room and run away. that should do the trick.