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Fredericksburg Progressive Education Campaign 2003

Anarchist Social Theory: September 25
Feminist Activism in DC: September 10th
Feminism in Islam: September 15
Anarchist Social Theory: September 25
Palestinian Struggle: October 1
Mexico's Zapatista Movement: October 22
Radical Economics & Living Holistically: October 27
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan: November 5
Queer Liberation: November 21st
Racism, Statehood, and Democracy in DC
Directions to workshops

7:00 pm Monroe Hall, Room 104

Presented by Dr. Mark Lance

Anarchism, in advocating a free and diverse society, is perhaps the only tradition that has consistently rooted out domination in its many forms, while also attempting to theorize and practice utopian alternatives. It has also been a crucial catalyst for what has become a global movement today, potentially offering an anti-authoritarian alternative to the hegemony of representative democracy and Western capitalism. Anarchist Social Theory will survey anarchism's aspirations from its European beginnings during the Industrial Revolution to its reemergence as a postwar and especially contemporary phenomenon in order to illuminate its relevancy for a globalizing world.

Mark Lance is a philosophy professor at Georgetown University.

Anarchist FAQ's, history, ongoing struggles, and upcomming actions

Image from the Spanish anarchist unions: CNT/FAI

1224 Parcell St.
Fredericksburg, VA 22401