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Fredericksburg Progressive Education Campaign 2003

Queer Liberation: November 21st
Feminist Activism in DC: September 10th
Feminism in Islam: September 15
Anarchist Social Theory: September 25
Palestinian Struggle: October 1
Mexico's Zapatista Movement: October 22
Radical Economics & Living Holistically: October 27
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan: November 5
Queer Liberation: November 21st
Racism, Statehood, and Democracy in DC
Directions to workshops

5:00 pm. in Monroe Hall, Room 104
Presented by Jan/Nathan Long and Sasha Vodnik from Richmond Queer Space Project

This workshop will give an overview of Gay/Lesbian/Bi history, and how it relates to and diverges from Queer/Trans history and politics.  The workshop will be interactive, creating a time line of key historical events.  We will also discuss elements of queer theory and how it relates to how we construct and perceive our identity and others' identities.

JanNathan Falling Long has studied queer theory, creative writing, and English.  He has been active in Queer Nation and the Radical Faeries, and is currently organizing a free workshop series for the Richmond Queer Space Project.

Sasha Vodnik is a war tax resister and an organizer with the Richmond Queer Space Project. He's facilitated workshops on queer history and activism for RQSP, ROSMY, and the National Conference on Organized Resistance. He's also cofacilitates antiracism workshops.
For more information visit:

1224 Parcell St.
Fredericksburg, VA. 22401