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Fredericksburg Progressive Education Campaign 2003

Radical Economics & Living Holistically: October 27
Feminist Activism in DC: September 10th
Feminism in Islam: September 15
Anarchist Social Theory: September 25
Palestinian Struggle: October 1
Mexico's Zapatista Movement: October 22
Radical Economics & Living Holistically: October 27
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan: November 5
Queer Liberation: November 21st
Racism, Statehood, and Democracy in DC
Directions to workshops

6:00 pm Monroe 104

Presented by Sky Blue, Paxus Calta, and Piankhy Thompson


Do you find yourself back working for the Man Monday morning after the big demo? Are you still buying from Whole Foods and think you're cool because you drink Fair Trade coffee from Starbucks? Have you ever even questioned Monogamy as your relationship model? Are you still going watching TV, drinking at bars and enjoying other forms of Babylonian mind control posing as entertainment? How is your relationship with your self? This workshop will do more than piss you off, it will have you look at what you are passionate about, the kind of world that you are out to create and how to start manifesting it in all aspects of your life.

Piankhy ("pee-ankh-ee") Thompson is an Integral Scientist, philosopher-activist and Personal Politician. He lives at Twin Oaks community. Metaphorically speaking, he comes "from the other side of the Paradigm" and is not affiliated in any primary way with any particular institution or organization.

Sky Blue has lived in Valley Oaks Village Co-housing in Chico, CA, the Cesar Chavez Co-op in Santa Cruz, CA and sat on the Board of Directors for Santa Cruz Student Housing Cooperatives. He is a drop- out from UC Santa Cruz's sociology curriculum. He has spent the last three years at Twin Oaks Community co-managing a soy foods business, facilitating community process, and organizing conferences and events. He is a dancer and a storyteller. He is an avid pursuer of personal growth, intentional relationships, and transformative group experience, bent on the creation and proliferation of a sustainable culture.

Paxus Calta was abandoned by his wolf parents and raised by liberals in the suburbs of Boston. He has hitchhiked on sailboats across the Pacific, danced top Russian tanks before Yeltsin made it fashionable, smuggled Tibetan monks across the Himalayas, navigated submarines on the ocean floor in Hawaii, worked on the oil rigs on the North Slope of Alaska and fought nuclear power plants in eastern Europe. He has been arrested for crimes of conscience in 12 countries on three continents. He has started and sold two software companies and served on numerous boards of directors (including currently TradeLocal in C'ville ( and the Nuclear Information Resource Service ( in Washington (Death City)). Veteran of the Quebec City and Republican Convention protests, he is an anti-globalization organizer, a polyamory activist and facilitator. He facilitates a class in "designing revolution" at the LEC alternative high school in Charlottesville VA. He currently lives at Twin Oaks Intentional Community ( where he manages recruiting for the community and marketing for the businesses, does teen advocacy work, makes tofu and tries to spark revolution when ever possible. He is a prolific propagandist and has been published in Wired, the NY Times, The Int'l Herald Tribune, The Washington Post, and numerous other mainstream and radical periodicals, including managing the Fingerbook Propaganda Project. He suffers from terminal immodesty and an inflamed funny bone.